Hi-Tech Automotive is a family-owned and operated business that opened its doors in 1998. Our founder Mario had a vision of treating people fairly while also repairing their vehicle properly. Mario had been working on vehicles and anything with an engine since his teenage years. Upon finishing school, he decided to make working on vehicles his career and attended Red River College in Winnipeg to become a licensed Automotive Service Technician. Initially, he gained experience in the trade working primarily at the General Motors dealership in Thompson. After many years working as the shop foreman, Mario decided to go into business for himself, and Hi-Tech Automotive was born. It was a small start compared to what the business has grown to, but Mario always took the time to ensure the business was growing the right way. The original Thompson location is still running strong today, having grown to five service bays and a team ready to tackle even the toughest repairs.

In 2013 Mario's son Matthew joined the family business and he too attended Red River College where he became a licensed Automotive Service Technician. The father-son aspect of the business helped it to continue its growth and family-run characteristics. So much so that Mario's wife Linda is also a part of the company handling all of the accounting sections of the businesses.

In 2017 Hi-Tech Automotive had grown to the point where it was time to open a second location. This is when Hi-Tech Automotive's Winnipeg location was started, with Matthew making the transition to the new southern location. The new facility was now in the big city of Winnipeg, but the small-town approach always remained within Hi-Tech Automotive's core principles. With the new location, the family aspect of the business again strengthened with Matthew's brother Brendan joining the team as an Apprentice Automotive Service Technician, eagerly learning the trade from his big brother as well as the other senior technicians.

Whether it is the Thompson or Winnipeg location, at our shop you can always count on honesty, clear communication, hard work, and quality automotive repair. Our family guarantees it.