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Brake Service and Repair in Winnipeg, MB and Thompson, MB

In terms of vehicle maintenance and repair, some items are absolute necessities. One of the most critical, yet often overlooked, aspects of automobile care is the brake system. Neglecting your vehicle's brakes is not only a recipe for expensive repairs but also a potential disaster waiting to happen. Maintaining and repairing your vehicle's brake system can save lives, money, and prevent accidents.

The most important reason to maintain and repair your vehicle's brake system is safety. Brakes are your car's primary safety feature, and they play a critical role in preventing accidents. If you can’t effectively stop your vehicle, especially in an emergency situation, this will be trouble. A well-maintained brake system can mean the difference between stopping in time to avoid a collision and a catastrophic accident.

When brake maintenance and repair is neglected, components can wear out, leading to decreased braking power and increased stopping distances.

The key to a safe and reliable brake system is regular maintenance. At Hi-Tech Automotive we recommend having your brake system inspected twice a year, typically during your oil change and seasonal maintenance package. Inspections by a qualified technician at Hi-Tech Automotive are essential to catch and address potential issues before they become critical. Some of the items that should be inspected are:

  • Brake Pads: Brake pads wear out over time with normal use and need to be replaced once they reach a minimum amount of brake pad lining – typically around 3mm remaining is when you should consider replacement soon. Delaying this replacement can lead to decreased braking efficiency and potential damage to other brake components such as the calipers or rotors.
  • Disc Rotors: The most common reason in Manitoba for brake rotor replacement is corrosion of the surfaces. In our climate, all rotors will rust over time. Eventually this can build up enough to cause issues with the brake system such as noise when braking, lack of braking effectiveness, or excessive wear to the brake pads. If the rotors can withstand this corrosion long enough, they may wear out beyond a minimum thickness and require replacement. Brake rotors can also warp or wear unevenly, leading to brake pulsation and reduced braking power. Inspecting for these items and properly measuring the thickness of a rotor are always done in our brake inspection procedure.
  • Brake Fluid: Brake fluid absorbs moisture and other contaminants over time, which can reduce its effectiveness and lead to brake system corrosion. As the brake system wears, some copper is absorbed by the fluid. Flushing the old fluid out with new fluid will help to remove moisture and contaminants and prolong the life of the components the brake fluid comes into contact with. Brake fluid flushes maintain the system's performance.
  • Brake Lines: Damaged or corroded brake lines can lead to brake fluid leaks and system failure. Regular inspections can identify these issues before they potentially turn into an unsafe situation.

Knowing that your brake system is in proper condition provides peace of mind. It's reassuring to know that when you press the brake pedal, your vehicle will respond as expected. This confidence can make your daily commute and road trips safer and more enjoyable.

Remember, your brakes are not just a convenience; they are the primary line of defense between you and potential disasters on the road. So, make brake system maintenance a priority, and always seek professional help when necessary. Your life, your passengers' lives, and the lives of other road users depend on it.

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