What is a Wheel Alignment and Why do I need it?

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What is a wheel alignment and why do I need it?

This is a common question and thought of many vehicle owners. A wheel alignment is not an item that you can hold in your hands or physically see. But it is something that you can feel when driving your vehicle. When your alignment is off, sometimes it can result in a very strange and noticeable negative behaviour of your vehicle. This is especially true at higher speeds and can create a dangerous situation.

With today’s complex suspension systems, expensive tires, and the ever-growing number of potholes on our Manitoba roads, having your vehicle’s alignment in proper specification is critical.

Not all alignments are done the same. When having your alignment completed, it is very important that the castor, camber, and toe angles are all measured an adjusted to the proper settings as per your specific vehicle. Some vehicles even have adjustable settings in the rear in addition to the front. Many people will ignore the castor and camber angles, only focusing on the toe. This can lead to improper handling and increased tire wear. Two things that can cause you money and the safe operation of your vehicle.

The most common time to have an alignment performed is when there is a steering or suspension component replaced on your vehicle. If you’re one of the lucky ones and haven’t required any repairs recently, it is recommended to have your alignment inspected and adjusted once per year, or any time you feel the vehicle may be drifting or pulling to one side or the other.

In the old days, these angles were measured with a string and adjusted accordingly. With new equipment and technology, Hi-Tech Automotive uses a precise laser alignment machine that measures each angle to within 1/100th of an inch. Accuracy is key when this is done, so you want to ensure that a properly trained technician is the one completing this for you.

Next time you need an alignment or any steering and suspension repairs to your vehicle, we welcome you to give Hi-Tech Automotive in Thompson, MB or Winnipeg, MB a call or schedule your appointment using our “Schedule A Service” button on our website!