What should I set my tire pressure to?


We often have customers that may not know what pressure they should fill their tires to on their vehicle. When inflating your tires, it is always recommended to fill them to the pressure that is printed on the sticker that will be in your driver’s door jam. This can be found by opening the driver’s door and locating the specification sticker.

Your vehicle may require the same pressure in all four tires, or two different pressures for the front and rear. This pressure will be the cold tire pressure, which means the tires should be filled before they heat up from a long road trip or extended driving time.

Having your tires set to the proper pressure is critical to the long life of your tires and proper handling of your vehicle. Improper pressure can lead to tires wearing quicker than they should, or even increased fuel consumption from your vehicle!

Pressures should be adjusted whenever the outside air temperature changes with the seasons. It is recommended to adjust your tire pressures at least every 3 months.

Whether you perform this yourself, or have us at Hi-Tech Automotive take care of it for you during your service visits, proper tire pressure really can go a long way!