When to remove your vehicle’s winter tires

As we approach the warmer weather and look forward to a wonderful Manitoba summer, one thing to consider is when you should remove your winter tires from your vehicle, if you use them.

The main rule of thumb has always been once we reach a consistent day time temperature of +7 degrees Celsius, your winter tires can now be safely removed to install your all season or all weather tires.

Here in Manitoba, we often experience some late season snow fall in March, April and even sometimes in May! Our recommendation is to consider both the daytime temperature highs as well as the upcoming forecast for snowfalls. You don’t want to end up removing your tires and then have a large snowfall a few days later!

The reason it is critical to remove your winter tires is due to the fact that winter tires will wear out much quicker when they get hot. This can come from warm outside temperatures, or from long highway road trips on dry roads. This will reduce the life of your tires and could end up costing you money sooner than it should.

If you have studded winter tires, keep in mind that studded tires may be used from Oct. 1 to April 30. Using them outside of this window can result in a fine.

Safety is always the largest and most important aspect, so if you are unsure of when to remove the tires then it is always better to be safe than sorry. Some added wear to your tires will always outweigh a potentially unsafe situation.

When you are ready to switch your tires, or if you have any questions related to tires or anything else, please give one of our friendly service advisors a call today, we are always more than happy to help!!